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Going Green


On 31st of March, I was on my porch drinking tea all lost in thoughts of the rough day I had been through, when I saw my 6yr old paste drawings all over the wall. At first I was furious with her for ruining the wall but then I noticed that all her drawings where filled with lots and lots of trees, I asked her why she would need so many pictures of trees, her answer struck me like a lightning, here is what she had said ‘Dad don’t you know trees give us good air to breath, it also cleans away the dirt we put into the air, did you see how people cut down all the trees to put new roads, I did not like it so I’m trying to put more trees in our home so people cannot cut’.

Benefits of Trees

  • Trees Produce Oxygen
  • Trees Clean the Soil
  • Trees Control Noise Pollution
  • Trees Are Carbon Sinks
  • Trees Clean the Air
  • Trees Shade and Cool

TANNY SHELTERS going green As an initiative TANNY SHELTERS is planting 10,000 Trees in Coimbatore.

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